Flip Zee Precious Girls LOLA w/ Exclusive FlipaTote, 2 in 1 9" Plush, The Girl That Flips for you!

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Kids go crazy for NEW Flip Zee Precious Girls! With two dolls in one, Flip Zee Precious Girls are unique and soft, and easily convert from a 12-inch cuddly baby to a stylish 18-inch big girl doll complete with soft, colorful hair and a chic dress that’s sure to impress! This new toy will quickly become a favorite, providing hours of entertainment and companionship. Take your Flip Zee Precious Girls on the road with the FlipaTote travel bag! The FlipaTote tote bag (brought to you exclusively by HealthandOutdoors) easily fits two Flip Zee Precious Girls and other Flip Zee and FlipaZoo accessories. Measures: 12" H X 16" W X 6" L