Disney Storytelling Frozen Playset W/ Bonus Pack-a-Hatch

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Celebrate the final moments from Frozen 2 with the Disney Storytelling Deluxe Frozen Gift Set! Focus in on the wonderful moments when Anna is being coronated as Queen of Arendelle and Elsa getting introduced as the Snow Queen! Both characters a dressed in their signature final outfits and accompanied by their best pals. Anna has Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven by her side, dressed in their authentic coronation outfits. Elsa has the Water Nokk, complete wuth its' beautiful glittery mane and tail and Bruni the salamander by her side. The dolls have 5 points of articulation and are poseable enough to tell your own stories as well as sit on the Water Nokk. Disney Storytelling Petite Dolls Frozen Edition is the perfect gift for every Frozen fan. Includes a bonus Pack-A-Hatch cinch bag to help carry your new toys or any other Frozen characters that are part of your story!