Flipazoo Flip ‘N’ Play Friends Plush Toy & Pillow in 1 ( Blue Puppy / Rainbow Troll ) & EXCLUSIVE FlipaTote COMBO

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Flipazoo Flip ‘N’ Play Friends™ are the perfect companion for nap and play! This soft and snuggly plush figure instantly transforms from toy to pillow! Even better, Flipazoo Flip ‘N’ Play Friends™ also include two different characters on every one, so your child can easily flip from one animal or creature to another during playtime, bedtime, or anytime! Flipazoo Flip ‘N’ Play Friends™ will give your child hours of entertainment and companionship during car rides, plane trips, sleepovers, vacations, and more! And now, you can carry your new Flipazoo Characters in your Flip-A-Tote travel bag to grandparent's and friend's houses, on the plane or in the car (Flip-a-Totes are manufactured and sold exclusively by HealthandOutdoors). Includes: (1) Flipazoo Flip ‘N’ Play Friends™ 18 x 22 inch convertible plush figure &  (1) FlipaTote - easily fits 1 to 2 FlipaZoo Pillows and Multiple FlipZees, Measuring: 12" H X 16" W X 6" L